REVEREND BEAT-MAN AND THE CHURCH OF HERPES : Your Favorite Position Is On Your Knees
Album Your Favorite Position Is On Your Knees
Format CD
Label Voodoo Rhythm Records
Year 2006
Genre Psychobilly

REVEREND BEAT-MAN AND THE CHURCH OF HERPES : Your Favorite Position Is On Your Knees

We had to wait long for this one , but it was worth!!!The Bernese (Switzerland) industrial and noise Pioneers HERPES ö DELUXE together with gospel blues trasher REVEREND you expect nice sweet music from this combination? I don't think so. They started working together and recording in the year 2000; it was a hard work to shrink a industrial song from 20 to 3 minutes but they did it.. they first thought to make a normal good record but what came out was something completely different.. it gives you an uncomfortable feeling about everything.. it's not rock'n'roll at all and it's not industrial and it's not electro trash.. it's more a soundtrack for a gospel church inspired horror movie.. it's sick and it's beautiful the same time. This is music for people who have the blues and who want it even worse, music to beat yourself with your fist to the head till you bleed, music to make situations you are in even worse.. this record is all totally wrong and leads you on the wrong track of life.. so we warn you here at Voodoo Rhythm Records.. if you are already a person with complicating problems such as drug abusing or strange girl or boyfriends then better leave this record in the record shop and buy the new Green Day album instead." As always the Cd comes in a great digipack!!


Tracklist :

01. I Don't Care
02. Bad Treatment
03. Seven Days
04. Home
05. Blue Suede Shoes
06. Prophecy
07. Faith,Hope,Love
08. Move
09. Us!
10. A Letter
11. Higher

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