REVEREND BEAT-MAN : Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash  Vol.2
Album Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol.2
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2007
Genre Gospel -Trash/Garage-R’n’R

REVEREND BEAT-MAN : Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol.2

Here you have the second release in a trilogy by Reverend Beat-Man, Surreal Gospel Blues Trash Volume 2. This series of electronically recorded hymns are a testament to his confusion of faith, hope, and the path of the righteous one. A self-proclaimed 'Man of the Cloth', Reverend Beat-Man has chosen to use the metaphors of an ancient religion known as Christianity to explain his life and his struggles; through a performing medium he calls 'Blues Trash'. Though a new member in the clergy of Christ, Reverend Beat-Man found the Lord Jesus dear to him as young as the age of 3 years old. But growing up in a strictly religious home, like so many troubled teens, he rejected his parents and padres and gave into the endless whirlpool of teenage delight called Satanism. Starting his earliest satanic music worshiping with the likes of Elvis, he soon found the dark path of popular recordings and discovered what is simply called Black Metal. He immersed himself in dark music and the symbols of alchemy, tarot, cabala and black magic. Even going so far as scarring himself forever with a five pointed pentagram star on his forearm at the tender age of 15, and made by his own hands, mind you. It seems the iconography of the one called Satan soon found themselves imprinted in the body and blood of a young, helpless Swiss boy. With demonic tracks such as ' I've Got The Devil Inside' or 'Lonesome and Sad', the curious listener can easily eavesdrop into the twisted world of a broken man taken in by the fiery grips of the Dark Lord. We see once and for all that these aren't just mere words, but this poor Reverend of the Lord is actually possessed by the demons he once sang so intently about.

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Tracklist :

01.Letter To Myself
02.See The Light
03.Lonsome And Sad
04.Blue Moon Of Kentucky
05.I Want You To Feel
06.Another Day Another Life
07.I've got The Devil Inside
08.I'm Over With You
09.Our Girls (DEMO )
10.Don’t Stop To Dance
12.The Swiss Army Knife

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