DEMENTED ARE GO : Demon Teds ( The Day The Earth Spat Blood)
Album Demon Teds ( The Day The Earth Spat Blood)
Format CD
Label Cherry Red
Year 2006
Genre Psychobilly

DEMENTED ARE GO : Demon Teds ( The Day The Earth Spat Blood)

Demented Are Go are one of the scene's most revered and popular bands. Lead by reputed mad man, Mark Philips who goes by the guise of 'Sparky' the band have fans not only in the psycho scene, but also have a following in the punk scene. Having been around for almost 25 years, Demented still perform live very regularly all over the world and are still gaining new legions of fans This CD contains 2 albums ( Demon Teds + Go Go Demented) Both albums were previously out of print and becoming hard to find.


Tracklist :

01.Country Woman
02.Flight 103
03.Termite Man
04.Skitzoid Brain
05.Lifes A Bitch
06.Now She's Dead
07.Rubber Buccaneer
08.Rubber Plimsoles
09.Satans Reject
10.Shadow Crypt
11.Old Black Joe
12.Call Of The Wired
13.Frenzied Beat
14.Move It

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