Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Fiend Force
Year 2011
Genre Psychobilly, Horror, Rock’n Roll, Punkabilly


The Rezurex are the definitive romantic psychobilly band that first expanded the genre with the 2006 release of Beyond the Grave, which was followed by Psycho Radio in 2009, from which the title song has reached anthem proportions.
The Rezurex have it all: a little bit of croon, a little bit of swoon, and a whole lot of monster mayhem. As they have evolved, they have become more polished while staying true to their signature sound, which appeals to a broad fan base not limited to aficionados of psycho, goth, punk, death rock, and classic horror movies.
Daniel deLeon, founder and mastermind (an evil genius of sorts), once again has assembled a top-notch crew of musicians to make his macabre brand of 50's and 80's infused psycho a haunting reality. Manny Anzaldo returns on lead guitar, strumming it up with original bass player Jeff Roffredo (Tiger Army, Aggrolites) on the single "Vampire Kiss", a dark, sexy song harkening back to the golden age of rock'n'roll. Dance of the Dead also features Dusty Grave (Stellar Corpses) and the tres bon export from France, Fantomas (Astro Zombies, Kings of Nuthin'). New to the lineup are Steve Rejon on standup bass and Adam Guerrero, a recent graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood, on drums.
The new rhythm section picks up where the last left off: rockin' coffins with psychobilly, rockabilly, blues, and ska inspired songs. In addition to putting together Dance of the Dead, Daniel deLeon has been developing himself as an artist/performer/creator. His striking appearance has landed Daniel movie and TV appearances, most notably in True Blood and Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005).
Daniel is currently developing and producing a Rezurex documentary and working on spooky little Dia de los Muertos themed art pieces which reflect both his Latino background and being a California native. For years, Daniel has made Hollywood his home and has such a keen interest in its sordid history that he was inspired to write "Black Sunday", a tribute to the brutally murdered beauty the Black Dahlia.
Some try to dismiss the Rezurex because of the make-up and seemingly coy drive-in movie charm. The simple charm belies the fact that this is one of the hardest working bands in the scene. This is a band that has toured the world, earning it adoring fans of all ages from around the globe. Like a subculture Elvis, Daniel deLeon brings the girls to tears while still being able to tear into a wrecking pit inducing rhythm. The first two albums showcase diverse influences used to craft clever, catchy songs that connect the bygone era of pompadours and poodle skirts to mohawks and Martens. Dance of the Dead continues to further the precedent set by the first two: rockin' rhythms that are easy to sing along to as you picture yourself strolling through a moonlit cemetery.

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Tracklist :

01.Ghost Of You
02.Dead By Dawn
04.Dance Of The Dead
05.Black Sunday
06.Vampire Kiss
07.Rockin In Your Coffin
08.Into The Dark
09.Bride Of Frankenstein
10.Return Of The Living Dead
11.Ghost Town

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