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Since 1987 Koefte DeVille has been fronting psycho-punkrockabilly legends Mad Sin. On one of their countless stints across the globe the German giant ran into Ramon, the multi-instrumental man from psychobilly hotshots The Bodybags and the latest incarnation of The Griswalds. This massive encounter smashed the two heavy-weights into another dimension, where they became Kaptain Destroyus Villain and Dr. Ramon Mighty S. The sonic twins boomeranged through the ages, picking up speed in the mid-fifties and early eighties, before swinging back to this millennium and be horrified by piles of plastic rock.   

It was their mission to fight fire with fire, or rather fight soulless music with music from the heart. Joined by enigmatic co-conspirators they would slap the vital spirit of 1956 on the wrecking fury of 1981. Now this crack unit is packing one helluva sound: a rockabilly freakout from the sci-fi psycho garage.

As the rock & roll equivalence of the Death Star, The KDV Deviators take aim and fire away.

If you're true, raise a toast. If you're not, you are toast!
Side A:
- Escape from planet X 
- Rampage rock
- Deviator zone 86
- Behind the glass
- One foot in the grave
- Screams of the insane
- Diary of a dead labrat
- The lonely one 
Side B: 
- Dogbite
- Out of orbit
- Gravity override
- Buried alive
- Under attack
- Psyclops man
- Soylent green 









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