WILDMEN : Blood on the wall
Album Blood on the wall
Format CD EP
Label Drunkabilly Records
Year 2013
Genre Wild Forward Rock n Roll, Psychobilly

WILDMEN : Blood on the wall

CD version!!! Comes in a carton flip sleeve Lim ed from 500 copies ….. Hailed by some as the Milwaukees, the lion’s share of their following call them the Wildmen, while they are known near and far as The Milwaukee Wildmen: the rock & roll juggernaut from the south of Holland that brought the world electrifying anthems such as ‘Psycho To The Bone’ and ‘Get In The Pit’. That seasoned band, founded by three mates who have been teaming up for shows across the globe since 1989, from now on will carry the official moniker Wildmen. ‘Blood On The Wall’ marks a new beginning for this trinity, with six mighty fine songs expanding their trademark style. The Gibson guitar from previous recordings made way for a good ol' Gretch and the doghouse bass has been given more room at the bottom end to boot. In other words: the Wildmen’s wide-ranging brand of psychobilly sounds better than ever! It’s one thing to master the art of amplified thrills, it’s a whole lot harder to refine it. Indeed, to pull that off it takes thoroughbred Wildmen


Tracklist :

01. Blood on the wall
02. 25 To Life
03. Shades of Evil
04. Bound for Glory
05. Rising up again
06. Kalifornia

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