HANK III : A Fiendish Threat
Album A Fiendish Threat
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Hank III release
Year 2013
Genre Country-Punk, Hard'on Rock'n Roll, Hellbilly

HANK III : A Fiendish Threat

"A Fiendish Threat" as an album that took some years off of him and for certain, there's a refreshing vigor punching out of it.Hank 3 fields the guitars and drums on this thing and yowls through a voice filter, giving the new joint a hellbilly punk-industrial texture to it. All dashed by devilish fiddling from David McElfresh and Billy Contreras plus stand-up bass thwacking from Zach Shedd. Most of Hank's guitars are acoustic, which lends a cheeky if pretty damned impressive air to the punk feel of the record carrying hints of the MISFITS, RAMONES, SUBHUMANS and STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. Beside This You will notice some Misfits influences in a few songs and in the first songs you will hear a totally psychobilly infleunce or is this a psychobilly song…..


Tracklist :

01. Can I Rip U
02. Different From The Rest
03. There's Another Road
04. Broke Jam
05. Watchin U Suffer
06. Breakin Free
07. Facedown
08. New Identity
09. Feel The Sting
10. Fight My Way
11. Full On
12. Your Floor
13. A Fiendish Threat

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