CLASH OF THE PRIMITIVES : The Grave Brothers vs. Adios Pantalones
Album The Grave Brothers vs. Adios Pantalones
Format CD
Label Drunkabilly Records
Year 2013
Genre Hellbilly, Rock n Roll, Old School Psychobilly

CLASH OF THE PRIMITIVES : The Grave Brothers vs. Adios Pantalones

Drunkabilly presents: Clash Of The Primitives - a double sonic creature feature of Flanders' finest, each bringing you six killers and all floorfillers. ADIOS PANTALONES blast off on the flip side like a rocket 88 in a psychobilly galaxy. Ants in your pants wreck & roll with a flash of Klingonz debauchery. Or in the words of Long Tall Texans chief Mark Carew: "Sounds like Nigel Lewis when he just started." Bada bing bada boom! That remark ties us over to the Tall Boys, whose current bass fiend also beefs up grease in THE GRAVE BROTHERS, along with members and alumni from a string of other outstanding bands, such as Los Putas, The Mudmen and Speedball Jr. They evoke spectres of Morricone going psycho for a Tim Burton directed splatter western, set on a ghost ship sailing for Klub Foot with The Goddamn Gallows in the crow's nest. Dig this or chop your head off. CD comes in a normal plastic box.

List Price : €11,98
You Save : €6,00 (50%)

Tracklist :

01. Goat Skin Clogs
02. Way Up High/Down Below
03. Are You Drinking With Me Jesus
04. Black Sunday Shuffle
05. Rum Drinkers& Hell Raisers
06. Now Go!!
07. Time Is No Friend
08. Terror Street
09. Hairy Tits
10. Creature Of Nightmares
11. Come On Freddy
12. Psycho Killer

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