DEAD BROTHERS, THE : Flammend' Herz
Album Flammend' Herz
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2004
Genre Country, Jazz, Blues, Funeral Sicilian music

DEAD BROTHERS, THE : Flammend' Herz

This is a film soundtrack for the Movie 'Flammend herz' by Andrea Schuler and Olifr Rutz.. the movie is about the Oldest German Tattoo Parlour and his owner Herbert Hofmann who is a legend him self.. now 85 jears old and his friend who are both 90 jears old are from the head to the food full on tattooed and every tattoo tells a more unique storry.. and the same is it with the soundtrack who won the first price at the Berlinale in Berlin Germany (germanys most important film festifal).. the music to the movie is all instrumental with elements of easy listening to country 30's Jazz jango reinhard style over to blues and sicilian funeral music.. the Dead Brothers shows us again how bright the specrum is and how great this music is... this is funeral music at it's best !!! The CD is in a Digi Pack with a little booklet with pictures from the movie and the band
cover artwork was made by Laura Satana a tattoo artist from paris
imagine RICHARD CLAYDERMANN is in Hell Cold and Dead and playing his Piano with some other fucked-up Gipsy freinds.. this is the description of this fantastic Album

Tracklist :

01. Time has gone
02. Things you hide
03. Am I to be the one
04. Geistzug
05. Swing 48 radio
06. Roadworker blues
07. Hund und Wölfe
08. Good time religion
09. Tatoo java
10. Never sang the blues
11. Nunca le cantado el Blues
12. Der Wald
13. The Mole
14. Tod von Basel
15. The Wind i de Wide
16. Volé mon traîneau
17. Mai lo cantato il blues
18. Lulu’s back in town
19. Tatoo java

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