Album Volume 1
Format CD
Label Emire
Year 2002
Genre Rock


30 Bands, 30 Tracks!
A Jam-packed Crazy project offering krrraaaazy value, A compilation, compiling 30 bands from 23 EEC nations.
Established bands like Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Lil' Esther & the Tin Stars, the Firebirds, Marco Di Maggio, the Sabrejets and Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks share real estate with many upcoming acts on a hot compilation of almost totally exclusive tracks, including bands from the likes of Slovenia, Latvia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Greece, Luxembourg and Malta!

"Rock-Around The EEC" is finely packaged and includes a photo and brief background information on all 30 bands. Packed to the gills, indeed an album and a half's material of well-known names and hitherto obscure national representations. We could have stopped with 20, 24, even 28 tracks but were determined to locate and include bands from every possible EEC nation. Although it took a while, to our knowledge we have done that for every EEC country where rock'n'roll exists (for just 2, it seems there are none).
This album includes the only rockin' act from Slovenia and also the first ever "50s style rock'n'roll" recording released of someone from the tiny island of Malta (population circa 350,000). Offering not just an album's worth of familiar 'leading' names but also a helluva LOT more on top, you'll be surprised by the consistently classy calibre of these here contents. 30 bands, 23 nations, 30 tracks housing the best European compilation possible of Today's & Tomorrow's Talent... Rock'n'Roll is here to Stay!!

Tracklist :

Bands+ songs:
01.Hometown Gamblers : What you Think About that?
02.SpoDee-O-Dee : My Baby's Gone
03.Hick-O-Rhytm :Red Wine&Reefer
04.Lil'Ester&The Tin stars : Drugstore R'n'R
05.Ronnie Nightingale&The Haydocks : Long blonde Hair
06.Hot Rhytm&Booze : don On the Farm Boogie
07.Fireball Steven&The Halebops :Rock,Pretty Mama
08.Eyeballin' Torpedos : Devil On my Trail
09.Jumpcats : Hoppin'And Boppin'
10.Daryl Haywood Combo : If you Want To Be My Baby
11.Atomic Boogie Band : Boogie After Midnight
12.Firebirds : All by Myself
13.Sabrejets : Redneck Blues
14.Alley Kings : Friday Night Rumble
15.Anabel&The Rock-A-Bells : I Try
16.Diana&The Atomics : Whistle Bait
17.Aces Wild : Wild ,Wild Women
18.Rioters : Feel The Rhythm
19.Slapbacks : Will I Love Again
20.Blue Jeans : Hot Rockabilly Stuff
21.Mad Men : Mean Little Mama
22.Mystery Gang Trio : Wiggle Baby
23.Marco Di Maggo : Neck On Fire
24.Pete Anderson&The Archives : Look Out Heart
25.Jumpin wheels : Hot Rod Mama
26.Convertibles : Cripple Rock
27.Go!Daddy O' : Hotel Blues
29.Lucky Cupids : Strangers In the Night
30.Antonello Persiano : Blue Suede Shoes

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