TENESSEE ROCK'N BILLY 1955 : Various Artists
Album Various Artists
Format CD
Label El toro
Year 2008
Genre pure 50's Rock'n Roll, Rockabilly

TENESSEE ROCK'N BILLY 1955 : Various Artists

8 page booklet with liner notes from Dave Penny. "It started with the Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy..." according to The Sons Of The Pioneers, and there is no doubt that the exciting Hillbilly Boogie style of the late 1940s and early 1950s had a huge influence on the rockabilly artists who would later record for iconic Memphis labels like Sun and Meteor. With the overnight success of Elvis in 1954, all over Tennessee (and just over the border in Mississippi) small labels sprang up to accommodate the steady stream of talented young hillbilly boppers that walked through the door with an eye on a chance at the big time...33 songs on this great compilation!!!

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Tracklist :

01.The Tennessee Rock and Roll : The Sons Of The Pioneers
02.Act Like You Love Me : Hayden Thompson
03.I Forgot To Remember To Forget : Elvis Presley
04.Yakety Yak : Mac & Jake
05.Baby, I'm Ready : The Tunesmiths
06.Talking Off The Wall : Eddie Bond
07.Go Mule Go : Johnny Burnette
08.You Gotta Play Fair : Curley Griffin
09.Gone, Gone, Gone : Carl Perkins
10.Watch That Girl : Lloyd McCullough
11.Sleepy Time Blues : Jess Hooper
12.Hula Bop : Smokey Joe Baugh
13.Oh Stop! : The Tunesmiths
14.A Gal Named Joe : Mac Sales
15.Can't Steal My Way Around : Barney Burcham
16.Get Me On Your Mind : Ernie Chaffin
17.Ring Out Those Bells : Red Hadley's Wranglers
18.Hey Jim : Jack Earls
19.Oh Darling : Lloyd McCullough
20.You're Undecided : Johnny Burnette
21.Nine Have Tried (And Nine Have Died) : The Carlisles
22.So Lovely Baby : Rusty & Doug Kershaw (With Wiley Barkdull)
23.Double Duty Lovin' : Eddie Bond
24.All Messed Up : Jess Hooper
25.Brother, That's All! : Red Hadley
26.Listen To Me : Smokey Joe Baugh
27.I Feel The Blues Comin' On : Hayden Thompson
28.They Can't Keep Me From You : Jack Earls
29.You Can't Make Love To Somebody : Carl Perkins
30.I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone : Elvis Presley
31.I Can't Lose The Blues : Ernie Chaffin
32.Rock 'n' Roll Ruby : Johnny Cash
33.You're My Baby : Johnny Cash

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