Album Volume Three
Format CD
Label Flame
Year 1999
Genre Original Rock'n Roll, Early Rockabilly


Stand by for more action packed rhythmic rocknroll! Check out Baby Hueys wild r&b take on Junior Wells "messin with the kid" (the flip of monkey man) . Dig the wild sax jungle grind instro by The Premiers or the insane whoop & holler of the previously unissued Kee Klickers acetate. And if that aint enough there's an unissued sun rockabilly acetate about drinking, fighting & getting locked up in the big house for nineteen years. There you go another 25 tunes you didnt know you couldnt live without till bought this cd.

List Price : €15,00
You Save : €2,71 (18%)

Tracklist :

01. Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters: Messin’ With the Kid
02. Steve Alaimo &The Red coats: She’s My Baby
03. Don Feger:Date On A Corner
04. Clyde Arnold& The Sharps: I’ve got A Baby
05. The Four Tielman Brothers: Record hop
06. Floyd Dakill Combo: Dance, Franny, Dance
07. Billy Miranda: Run Rose
08. The Rhytmics: Comin’ Through
09. Bracey Everett: The Lovers Curse
10. The New Mason Dixons: Back Up
11. Nat Robertson: Country Boy
12. Howie Casey& The Seniors: Twist At the Top
13. Sly Dell: Let Me Tell You’Bout It
14. The Premlers: Shawnee
15. Willie .B:Bad Mouthin’
16. Ray Bourell: Bad News
17. Don Feger: Don’t Be Mad
18. Ricky Allen: Cut you A-Loose
19. Johnny Gentry –Nineteen Years
20. Los Crazy Kings: Crazey Kings Twist
21. Bill Friel& The Fabulous Furies: fort Lauderdale USA
22. Aliminators: Let Down
23. Don Bishop: The Crowd From23 rd.Aveneu
24. Jack Hammer& The Pacers: Black Widow Spider Woman
25. Kee Klickers: Ricky Boy

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