GREEN MOON SPARKS : Rebel with a curse
Album Rebel with a curse
Format CD
Label Drunkabilly Records
Year 2009
Genre Psychobilly, old-school Psychobilly

GREEN MOON SPARKS : Rebel with a curse

Hailing from the ancient city of Padova in Northern Italy, the Green Moon Sparks take a welcome stance: first and foremost, psychobilly should be fun. The self-mocking slogan 'stronzo band' amplifies this cheerful approach. Yet make no bones about their knack for spawning a wide range of rockin' goods. From hillbilly origins to early punk and beyond, this foursome taps into decades of subterranean splendor. Meanwhile their psycho brew is flavor-enhanced by Toy Dolls tomfoolery plus Surf Rats and Scum Rats strut.

The opening salvo of debut album 'Rebel With A Curse' is aptly baptized 'Rattle Brain'. The tone is set by the double bass rattle and howls from grimy vocal pipes, fit to deliver the vinegar over two-way guitar action. Sparks fly in twelve tuneful tracks, such as A Rockabilly Stole My Bike. Even more striking are reverberant twists on spaghetti westerns in a one-horse town where mariachi mooncalfs blow off steam for amphetamine. In the dead silence after the grand finale, one realizes why the rebel is cursed: this mutant rock & roll is far too addictive.


Tracklist :

01. Rattlebrain
02. Wrestling TV Show
03. Loser
04. A Rockabilly Stole My Bike
05. (With A) Demon Inside
06. Mexican Disease
07. Horny Moon
08. Senorita
09. Killed By The Booze
10. Troubled Love Song
11. Tiger Job
12. Rebel With A Curse

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