ROCKET TO MEMPHIS : Hip Shakin' Daddy
Album Hip Shakin' Daddy
Format CD
Label Raucous
Year 2009
Genre Rock'n Roll, Soul, Cramps infected, wild Neo-rockabilly

ROCKET TO MEMPHIS : Hip Shakin' Daddy

Queen of the Voodoo Betty Bombshell and her stompin' quartet have cooked up a brand new platter of knee-tremblin', soul-shakin' swampabilly for your hip-grinding pleasure...
ROCKET TO MEMPHIS' first full-length CD certainly lives up to it’s name!
With an eye-popping cover by Vince Ray, all 13 toons are stompin' and wickedly infectious - if you ain’t shakin’ all over after a dose of this, forget the witchdoctor - there ain’t NO hope for ya!

Tracklist :

01. Bad Girl
02. She's My Witch
03. No Kissin' At The Hop
04. Draggin' Dave
05. Song Of The Swamp
06. Gator Stomp
07. Shake Your Hips
08. Crazy Eyes
09. Martians' Ball
10. Sister
11. Wolfman
12. Little Red Rocket
13. I Got Cramps

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