DEKE DICKERSON : Number One Hit Records & More Million Sellers
Album Number One Hit Records & More Million Sellers
Format CD Double
Label Retroworld
Year 2012
Genre Rockabilly, Rock'n Roll, Country, Surf'n Roll

DEKE DICKERSON : Number One Hit Records & More Million Sellers

Two CD set from the vaults of HIGHTONE RECORDS released at MID-PRICE. DEKE DICKERSON’S expertise as a guitarist began to evolve into the definitive DICKERSON style,part Rockabilly, part Surf and Rock n’ Roll, with a strong dash of the ROY NICHOLS jazzy style of Country guitar. In 1998, with his new band the ECCO-FONICS and armed with his trademark custom double neck Mosrite guitar, he recorded his first album ‘Number One Hit Record’ which featured Nevada rockabilly legend LARRY COLLINS and CLAUDE TRENIER of the legendary R n’B greats the TRENIERS. More Million Sellers released a year later, embraces Honkey Tonk Country, Surf, Rockabilly, Western Swing, early sixties Pop, and Doo-Wop. Albums like these are the reasons Roots music thrives and survives.


Tracklist :

Disc 1: Number one Hit Records
01.Mexicali Rose
02.Can’t See the Forest for the Trees
03.Hod Rod Queen
04.Snatch It & Grab It
05.Lady Killin’ Papa
06.Feelin’ Low
07.What’s That Cookin’
08.Jumpin’ Bean
09.The End of the Line
10.Sparkin’ 11.Introduction By Claude Trenier
13.Guitar on Orbit Pt.37
14.I Gotta Date To Cut A Cake
15.Peroxide Blonde
16.Long Time In The Ground
Disc 2: More Million Sellers !
01.Let The Good Times Roll
02.I’m A Wreck
03.Rockin’ Gypsy
04.Nightmare of a Woman
05.Broken Down & Broken Hearted
06.I Gave My Heart Before
07.My Name Is Deke
08.You’re My Cadillac
09.Mean Son of A Gun
10.So Long I’m Gone
11.Tropical Island Boogie Serenade
12.I Think You Gotta Pay For That
13.Red Headed Woman
14.Closing Theme from Jerry Scoggins
15.Hatched Man
16.Radio Spots for Disc Jockeys

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