SNAKERATTLERS, THE : This Is Rattlerock
Album This Is Rattlerock
Format CD
Label Moon Skull
Year 2017
Genre Garage, Trash Rock n Roll, Rockabilly Psychosis

SNAKERATTLERS, THE : This Is Rattlerock

Trash Rock & Roll duo The Snakerattlers release their debut album This Is Rattlerock! Stripped back and raw, the album draws on trashy rockabilly, garage, surf and all things wrong as Snakerattlers carve their own sound, while giving nods to the dark and obscure influences that drive them. This Is Rattlerock was recorded on reel-to-reel tape by Adam Richards of Leeds rockabilly trio X Ray Cat Trio and has a fetishistic, trashy sound evoking the sounds of the cult 1960s Pebbles Compilations.
Like Lux and Ivy before them, Dan and Naomi Gott will enthrall you with this exciting new band, an evolution from their former garage punk three-piece The Franceens, which left their many fans dismayed when the band came to an end last year. The Snakerattlers went public the week before the pair's wedding, with a self-organised gig in their hometown of York.
The band is inescapably entwined with Dan and Naomi's matrimony as they spend most weekends travelling the UK to satiate a hot appetite for their live Rock & Roll show.

Tracklist :

01. I Won't Hold Back
02. Let You Go
03. Rattlerock Rumble
04. Oh My Love
05. Let The Devil In Your Soul
06. Death Valley Driver
07. The Love In Me
08. Sweet Sixteen
09. Bones
10. Ripper Rattle Rock


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