REVEREND BEAT-MAN & THE NEW WAVE : Blues Trash (Spec. edition!)
Album Blues Trash (Spec. edition!)
Format Vinyl 12'' Double LP
Year 2018
Genre Garage, Punk, Rock n Roll

REVEREND BEAT-MAN & THE NEW WAVE : Blues Trash (Spec. edition!)

SPECIAL EDITION - 2xLP+ Free CD - 1 LP(english) 1LP (Swiss German) + Poster !! Lim.500 COPIES !! Former wrestling rock'n'roll one man band activist Lightning Beat-Man (1992-1999) turned into a primitive rock'n'roll blues preacher during the millennium change and released countless recordings on several labels.
In 2017 he had a hand full of songs to record this album, and the idea was to record it with several musicians and not showing them the songs. They went to the studio and Reverend Beat-Man played the songs on the guitar one time, then the musicians had two takes for recording without rehearsal to keep it fresh.
The result is a mix of blues trash, new wave folk and dark no wave garage punk and rock'n'roll. Featuring Nicole Izobel Garcia (vocals, organ, percussion), Mario Batkovic (accordion), Julian Sartorius (drums) and Resli Burri (Dead Brothers multi-instrumentalist).

Tracklist :

Side One :
01. I Have Enough
02. I'm Not Gonna Tell You
03. Today Is A Beautifull Day
04. I'll Do It For You
05. The White Wolf Is Back In Town
06. But I Love You
Side Two:
01. You Are On
02. If I Knew
03. Then We All Gonne Die
04. Love Is Simply A Dream
05. Looking Right Through
06. Lass Uns Liebe Machen
01. Ig Ha Gnuae
02. I Saegeders Nid
03. Huet Isch E Wunderschoene Tag
04. Ig Tue Das Fuer Di
05. Dr Wijs Wolf Isch uegg Ir Stadt
06. But I Love You
07. Du Bisch Dobe
08. Wenni Haett Gwuesst
09. Denn Werde Mir Au Staerbe
10. Liebi Isch Numme E Verdammte Troum
11. Luege Diraekt Duer Di
12. Lass Uns Liebe Machen


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