Album Dark Zone
Format Vinyl 12'' Double LP
Label Bang Records
Year 2018
Genre Garage, Sixties Punk


Finally on vinyl! And expanded!
New York City legends THE FUZZTONES released this collection of their darkest sounds only on CD and it had come the time to put it out on vinyl.
Fulfilled of rare songs and focused on their shadiest songs.
Dark psychedelic and fuzzed up songs sleeved on gatefold deluxe jacket and cover design by Rudi Protrudi. lim ed.600 made In Fuzz we trust!!!

Tracklist :

LP 1:
Side A :
01. Living Sickness
02. Skeleton Farm
03. Black Box
04. Charlotte's Remains
Side B :
05. They're Gonna Take You Away
06. Doa
07. Night Of The Vampire
08. It Ain't Necessarily So
09. Ward 81
LP 2:
Side C:
01. Ghost Clinic
02. This Sinister Urge
03. She's My Witch
04. Be Forewarned
Side D :
01. Fear
02. Wristwatch Band
03. Don't Speak Ill Of The Dead
04. What Ever Happened To Baby Jesus
05. Come To Me


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