PICARO : Volume 3
Album Volume 3
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Grumete
Year 2018
Genre 50's & 60's Doo Wop, Cumbia & Calypso

PICARO : Volume 3

'KILLER CUMBIA, CUBAN CALYPSO, SON DOO-WOP & MANY MORE CARIBBEAN DELIGHTS' They have searched far and wide to bring together this colossal collection of outstanding tracks with a tropical and Afro-Cuban feel from the days when these beats dominated the scene in Benelux, Liechtenstein and Benidorm.
Presenting a flamboyant combination of artists ranging from absolute mega stars in their twilight years like Miguelito Valdés, Slim Gaillard and Armando Oréfiche to long-forgotten arresting proposals like Los Tres Hernández, Miguel Córdoba, Ñico Membiela and Lucha Montes, as well as other dusty microgroove artists. So fellow revellers and partygoers, you have in your hands a spectacular collection of mambos, rumbas, tumbas, cha-cha-chás, merecumbés, boleros, standards and rarities, wickedly composed in Spain, Colombia, Peru, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and even in Cuba. Compiled by El Coloso de Roda (bayle.es)

Tracklist :

Captain Side :
01. Emilio Reye : Café Mambo
02. Miguelito Valdés : Tamba Túmbala
03. Reinoso Y Su Combo : Isla Bruja
04. Slim Gaillard : Babalú
05. Los Tamara : Tumba La Caña Jibarito
06. Lucha Montes Y Sus Guantanameros : Los Cañaverales
07. Ñico Membiela : En Las Tinieblas
08. Armando Oréfiche : Cubáfrica
Grummet Side :
01. Los Teen Agers : La Historia De Tommy
02. Rulli Rendo : Que Te Mate El Tren
03. Los Merecumbes : Río Bamba
04. Los Españoles : Kanimambo
05. Miguel Córdoba : Gasolina
06. Nico Gomez : Moliendo Café
07. Los Tres Hernandez : Bésame
08. La Charanga De Cuba De Mayito Fernandez : Orfeo En Los Tambores


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