PLANET ROCKERS, THE : Hillbilly Beat
Album Hillbilly Beat
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Witchcraft int.
Year 2019
Genre Hillbilly, Country, Rock'n Roll, Rockabilly

PLANET ROCKERS, THE : Hillbilly Beat

A Re-release of the almost forgotton CD that came out in the year 2000 on No Hit Records/UK. This time it's a limited vinyl edition with 16 solid country rockin tracks plaid in the 100 % Tennessee Rock n Roll way of Sonny George & Eddie Angel accompanied by some hot rockin' UK cats (Matt Radford/bass, Brian Nevill/Taps).

Tracklist :

Side 1:
01. One More Drink
02. Best Dressed Beggar (in Town)
03. Like A Rollin Stone
04. Swamp Gal
05. Rockin Mama
06. Down And Out
07. Batteroo
08. No More Crying The Blues
Side 2:
01. Caffeine, Nicotine & Alcohol
02. Don't Knock What You Don't Understand
03. Ain't Nobody Gonna Take My Place
04. Treadin Water
05. Down The Line
06. Hillbilly Beatnik
07. Run Don't Walk
08. Gotta Travel On


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