DEADLINE : We're Taking Over !
Album We're Taking Over !
Format CD
Label PLY
Year 2008
Genre Oi!, Streetpunk'n Roll

DEADLINE : We're Taking Over !

Liz and the rest of Deadline have just dropped “We’re Taking Over”… not a complete new album but it does boast four new songs along with a live show. The new songs are what we’ve come to expect from Deadline… solid punkrock tunes that are extremely melodic. The live show was recorded in Lichtenfeld Stadthalle in the summer of 2007. No overdubs, no auto-tuning and all the little mistakes… that’s what you get. It sounds a lot rawer and faster than on the band’s albums releases. Which makes it interesting for new fans, while the new songs will spark the interest of longtime fans.


Tracklist :

01.Too Late Tomorrow
02.We Are Not American
03.Smell The Coffee
04.We're Taking Over
05.Blood On Your Hands (Live)
06.Serious (Live)
07.Take No Chance (Live)
08.This Girl (Live)
09.Taken For A Ride (Live)
10.Keep On Running (Live)
11.Liar (Live)
12.Round The Corner (Live)
13.It Girl (Live)
14.Time Ran Out (Live)
15.Going Nowhere (Live)
16.Give It Back (Live)
17.The Way We Were (Live)
Bonus Video tracks : 01.Last Night
02.Take No Changes

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