ROBOTS, LES : Project World Control
Album Project World Control
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Bickerton
Year 2020
Genre Instro-Neo-Surf-R'n'R

ROBOTS, LES : Project World Control

Who the heck are Les Robots? Where do they come from? There's a legend that says Les Robots are programmed masterminds D.V.R. and R-JoHN, two entities created in Mars' underground secret cities in the future that ended in The present day Earth Netherlands being enslaved by pop mistress Fleur. We may never know who created Les Robots but we do know that they had a like for The Shadows, The Ventures, Terry Terauchi, Link Wray, Joe Meek, Devo, no-wave and various composers of sixties cinema soundtracks. This is their second interstellar trip album.


Tracklist :

Side A:
01. A Message From Les Robots
02. Scratch Of The Astro Cat
03. Kill Ro-man! Kill!
04. Ode To Robin De Robot
05. Fear The Mechanical Brain
06. The Sound Of Saturn
Side B:
01. Floating Tears In The Vast Vacuum Of Space
02. The March Of Les Robots
03. Half Beast, Half Human
04. Ode To Arie Rommers (a.k.a. The Bionic Boxer)
05. Theme From I.s.p.
06. 8-bit Nightmare

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