YARDBIRDS : The Best Of The Yardbirds
Album The Best Of The Yardbirds
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Audio clarity
Year 2020
Genre Early Garage -R'n'B-Beat -psy/R'n'R

YARDBIRDS : The Best Of The Yardbirds

A collection of classic r'n'b, garage soul and psych-era Yardbirds hits and faves, remastered at 45rpm for the best possible sound experience. The LP includes a.o. 'Heart Full Of Soul', 'Shapes Of Things', 'The Nazz Are Blue', 'For Your Love', 'White Summer', 'You're A Better Man Than I', 'Evil Hearted You', 'Still I'm Sad', 'I'm A Man', 'Hot House Of Omagararshid', 'Psycho Daisies', 'Puzzles', 'Little Games', 'Over Under Sideways Down' and more! Great to see this all these great and really roots Garage Rockers on a compilation!!


Tracklist :

Side A;
01.For Your Love
02.Heart Full Of Soul
03.I Am A Man
04.Still I'm Sad
05.Shapes Of Things
06.You're A Better Man Than I
07.I'm Not Talking
08.Over Under Sideways Down
09.Evil Hearted You
10.Litlle Games
11.Smokestack Lightning
Sid B:
01.My Girl Sloopy
02.The Nazz Are Blue
03.Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
04.Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
05.Jeff's Bloogie
07.Psycho Daisies
08.Hot House Of Omagararshio
09.White Summer

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