SEX-O-RAMA! : vol.1 ( + CD)
Album vol.1 ( + CD)
Format Vinyl 12'' LP + CD
Label Jukebox Music Factory
Year 2021
Genre 50'&60's Exotica, Lounge, Early Ska, Jazzy Rock'n Roll

SEX-O-RAMA! : vol.1 ( + CD)

What a relief to escape the humdrum, to conquer one's ennui, to spice up the too-long evenings stuck at home... Here's a proposition: SEX-O-RAMA!!! Oh la la, such an aptly named compilation! Rascally El Vidocq this time dares to sway outside his comfort zone. Here humanity's oldest obsession is tackled tastefully, with class. The selection is amusing, but ever well-meaning, for these songs are as stimulating to listen to as they are to dance to! Naturally, our intrepid collector had to roam beyond his habitual '50s and '60s, for the real sexual revolution did occur a tad later... A few seductive caresses of varying insistence (Michele Mercier, Geraldine), a few advances "in due and proper form" (naughty Prince Buster!), an eloquent series of moans and groans (Rita, Armando Trovaioli, Noelia Noel), chance encounters (intransigent Jean Yanne)... not to mention a few exquisite parodies (Jacqueline Mayand and Bourvil, as drole as they are tender)... So hesitate no longer! Stop biting your lip! The sap is rising, as they say, so time for a change of ambiance... Time to slip on some SEX-O-RAMA!


Tracklist :

Side 1:
1. Rita : Erotica
2. Françoise : Hum! Hum! Love Is Strange
3. Armando Trovaioli : Sesso Matto
4. Monsieur Goraguer : Sexy Dracula
5. Jacques Frençay & Sonia Reff : Top Secret
6. Geraldine : Les Chattes
7. Jean Yanne : Coït
Side 2 :
01. Prince Buster : Big Five
02. Bourvil & Jacqueline Maillan : Ça (Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus)
03. Philippe Nicaud : C'ex
04. Noelia Noel : Encuentro
05. Jean-Bernard de Libreville : Sex-Phone
06. Michèle Mercier : Six-Huit
7. The Afro Rhythm Group - African Love

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