SLOKS : A Knife In Your Hands
Album A Knife In Your Hands
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2021
Genre Garage, Trash, Punk, Rock'n Roll

SLOKS : A Knife In Your Hands

Sloks are a super raw power noise garage punk trio from Turin in Italy. Their riffs are reduced to the max and then sent straight into your ears to spread the virus and infect your brain forever. Lead singer Ivy Claudy screams in every song as if it's about her life and as if it were true the last time, Buddy Fuzz, on the other hand, whips her with his guitars riffs then throw her deep into hellfire where Tony Machete maltreats his drums in the most horrific way. Since their first release in 2018 they tor-toured a lot in Europe and then in the pandemic year they traveled to Lolo Spider in Toulouse in France in his Swampland studio to record this album. 11 tracks uncompromising total loser garage punk and dirty rock'n'roll. More noise rock that trashy is hard to find... so grab your wax right now.


Tracklist :

Side A:
01. Dillinger
02. No Makeup
03. Burn Baby Burn
04. Bad To The Bone
05. Crank It Up
Side B :
01. A Knife In Your Hand
02. Ruin It All
03. Killer Vs Killer
04. Exotic Store
05. SBANG!
06. Last Grave

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