Album Vol. 4
Format Vinyl 12'' LP + CD
Label Jukebox music Factory
Year 2022
Genre 50's &60's Lounge, Exotica, Rock'n Roll


Through the ages, stripteasing music has been stunningly eclectic, from the smoothest to the most electric of genres: blues of course, whose languor perfectly suits such erotic unravellings, but also rock'n'roll, R&B, jazz, rockabilly and more. Spearheading the compilations concocted by the ever mischievous El Vidocq, the 'Strip-O-Rama' series today reveals its 4th cheeky album, as daring and arousing as ever. Once again, Cupid has here sampled far and wide to better lubricate the task at hand: Beninese blues (Orchestre Typique "El Rego"), pure exotica (The Enchanters), doo-wop, ditties both pious (The Redwoods) and salacious (The Royal Jokers), hot Latin music (the aptly named 'Burleska' by The Ambassadors), also smooth Latin music (Googie Rene), swinging bebop (Marlowe Morris Quintet), pop on speed ('Magic Lover Man' by the Trinidadian Aki Aleong), bizarre surf music ('Widgit' by the Surfer's), etc. etc. All these songs have been drawn from amusingly suggestive 45-rpms dating from the 1950s and '60s, with the notable twin peaks of '58 and '62! Originally meant as background music to accompany your naughty unwrappings, these tunes prove in and of themselves simply irresistible!


Tracklist :

Side 1 :
01. Googie Rene : Caesar's Pad
02. Aki Aleong : Magic Lover Man
03. The Entertainers : The Fuddy Duddy Walk
04. Memphis Slim : Stroll On Little Girl
05. Surfer's : Widgit
06. Jimmy Richards : Cool As Moose
07. Jim Jackson : F-oldin' Money
08. Orchestre Typique "El Rego" : Bambino Blue
Side 2 :
01. The Redwoods : Please Mr Scientist
02. The Royal Jokers : Sam's Back
03. Marlowe Morris Quintet : Play The Thing
04. The Enchanters : Tum-Tiki
05. Ruby Roberson : Rheumatism
06. Janet & Jay : Have Some Popcorn
07. Jimmy Simmons : Land Of Love
08. The Ambassadors : Burleska

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