CHIFF CHAFFS : Up To no Good
Album Up To no Good
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Trash Wax Records
Year 2022
Genre Garage, Punk, Rock'n Roll

CHIFF CHAFFS : Up To no Good

The long awaited debut album by The Chiff Chaffs 'Up To No Good' delves deep into the darker side of garage punk with a nod to what's gone before, however it's no retro styled opus. Young, brash and totally 21st century with only 1 cover version, The Mummies instro 'The Fly' played at breakneck speed. This album was recorded over several weekends during 2021 and given the final once over tweak by Doyley of Diablo Studios and now pressed in glorious vinyl for your listening pleasure. The killer artwork was done by 'K-rat' (Who is also Gilles, the guitarist of The Chiff Chaffs). The usual references to a little surf/garage influence for sure, but it's a full, more mature sound where you can hear hints of early Gallon Drunk or The Vibes.


Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Twist De La Lys
02. Hey Gurl!!!
03. Red Light
04. Kawabunga
05. I Aint Dead!
06. Last Robbery 01. Wrong Again
02. Fuego Fuego
03. Blood On The Bed
04. Black Coffee
05. The Fly

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