BEACH-O-RAMA : Vol. 4 (+CD)
Album Vol. 4 (+CD)
Format Vinyl 12'' LP + CD
Label Jukebox music Factory
Year 2022
Genre Exotica, Instro Surf, Swing, Early Rock'n Roll

BEACH-O-RAMA : Vol. 4 (+CD)

Once again, the summer swell's just around the corner, it's rolling on in, and what better way to welcome it back than with another 'Beach-O-Rama' compilation? Salty old El Vidocq has returned to port with yet another exceptional catch of silky 45s for this cracking 4th volume, illustrated by the marvelous Marcel Bontempi. Once again, the eye-candy jacket will wet your appetite for all the audio goodies within. This delicately balanced album suavely combines instrumental surf (The Pintor, Bert Weedon, Johnny Zorro), swing (Quincy Jones and The Quintette Plus) and even a titty-shaking tune (The King's Henchmen), spiced up with exotic classics (Danny Lida's Tarantino-esque Japanese version of 'Apache' and 'GTO' by the French band Les Poppins), not to mention a pinch of R'n'B with the wild Rocky Turner. Oh, there's even a hot Hawaiian-Mexican concoction cooked up by one Tony Quirazco. In a coconut shell: paddle out to ride a round-the-world wave without ever leaving the comfort of your lounge chair or fearing the slightest burn. For here, only your ears'll turn red... with pure pleasure!


Tracklist :

Side 1 :
01. The Pharos : Pintor
02. Tony Quirazco : Tequila A Go-Go
03. The Redwoods : Never Take It Away
04. The King's Henchmen : Gosah
05. Gary & The Wombats : Squidgy Bod 07. Johnny Zorro : Bongo Guitar
08. Quintette Plus : Work Song
Side 2 :
01. Danny Lida & Paradise King : Apache
02. The Spats : Gator Tails And Monkey Ribs
03. Quincy Jones Featuring Joe Newman : Slob't
04. Les Poppins : G.T.O.
05. The Show : Sidewinder
06. Bill Harris : Yeah! Yeah! Guitar
07. Rocky Turner : The Bugga Bear
08. Bert Weedon : Yearning

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