HANK III : Bar Ranch - Cattle Callin
Album Bar Ranch - Cattle Callin
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Hank III release
Year 2011
Genre Alt.Country, Rock'n Roll, Punkabilly

HANK III : Bar Ranch - Cattle Callin

2011 album from eclectic Rock/Country singer/songwriter Hank Williams III, his foray into a new, mind-bending 'Cattle Core' sound that features Hank 3's speed metal woven in and around actual cattle auctioneering. There are 23 tracks on 'Cattle Callin', featuring Hank 3's driving, formidable guitar attack, with instrumentation build around the auctioneering and, in some cases, his own higher-register vocal treatment laid over the top. Hard rockin’ fans will notice some tongue-in-cheek humor with titles such as 'Heavy Cattle' and 'Angus of Death.' Also, fans of Bluegrass will love the banjo-driven 'Cattle Callin Lonesome Blues'


Tracklist :

01.Black Cow
02.Now There’s A Bull
03.37 Heifers
04.Mad Cow
06.Square Bailor
07.Cuttin Hay
08.Y Bar Ranch
09.Countin Cows
10.Mad Cow
11.Lot 53
12.Cow Sold
13.Cow Mortal
14.Bull Balls
15.Heavy Cattle
16.Y Bar Ranch
17.Black Cow
19.Square Bailor
20.Moo You
21.Angus Of Death
22.Cattle Callin Lonesome Blues

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