CRAMPS, THE : The Last Record (Tränsylvåñan Täpes MCMLXXVIII)
Album The Last Record (Tränsylvåñan Täpes MCMLXXVIII)
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label unknown
Year 2023
Genre Garage R'n'R-Rockabilly Psychosis

CRAMPS, THE : The Last Record (Tränsylvåñan Täpes MCMLXXVIII)

Side One: "Recorded and produced by Chris Spedding in Dracula's House Dec. 78." Side Two: "Recorded live in the deep Carpathian Mountains during a cold winter night. The wolves were screaming, the moon did not shine". Further mentioned on sleeve: "The last record never more."


Tracklist :

Side A:
01.Week-End On Mars
02.Rocking Bones
03.I Can't Hardly Stand It
04.Lonesome Town
05.Love Me
06.Uranium Rock
07.Twist & Shout
Side B:
01.Jungle Hop
02.Everybody Moving
03.Problem Child
04.Voodoo Doll
05.TV Set
06.Mystery Plane

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