HANCOX : Vegas Lights
Album Vegas Lights
Format CD
Label I sould my sold
Year 2012
Genre Psychobilly, Punk-Rock, Alternative

HANCOX : Vegas Lights

Guana Batz– Pip Hancox (vocals) – has been busy secretly preparing a new band in the California desert, and is ready to unleash their music onto an unsuspecting world. Pip and his US line up, decided that an outlet for a slightly different style was in order. Powered by the same energy, enthusiasm and passion for live performance as they always had, the boys started playing in directions that they felt were being neglected, in a scene that they had learned to love and respect. Hancox represents various influences and backgrounds combined into a single group. With two members from London night-life, and the other two who have cut their teeth in the So Cal music scene, Hancox has created a very special and powerful sound and feel. An explosive combination of Rock, Southern California influences and oldschool psychobilly make the solo project Hancox already a groundbreaking new release.

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Tracklist :

01. Intro
02. London Streets
03. Toxic Twins
04. Sally
05. Black Door City
06. Beautiful Creature
08. 7th Daughter
09. Ellinore
10. Carburetor
11. Bleed
12. Shake
13. Vegas Lights
14. Call Me

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