Album Strollers Volume 1
Format CD
Label Western Star Recording Company
Year 2016
Genre Rockabilly, Rock n Roll


Welcome to the first in a new compilation series that will concentrate on the many forms of dance styles we have on this great Rock n Roll scene of ours. In this first volume it’s all about 'The Stroll'. The Stroll is an international dance now and is done on almost every Rock n Roll Dance floor from Moscow to Vegas and London to Melbourne, - not that I am a expert on it or anything! But, I've had the opportunity to play many, many sets of Strollers to 1000's of eager women over the years. I say women because it is a girls dance (there's a few blokes out there who like to dabble in it and look like line dancing dopes) and has been ever since I was a kid. Like it or not it is an integral part of the Rockin' Dance-floor and any good DJ worth his salt should be able to hold a serious bunch of Strollers in the palm of his hand (oohh Matron!!). Anyway, this great compilation is made up from some fantastic modern recording artists who help make up the Western Star stable. There's 'Jack Rabbit Slim, 'The Bullets', 'The Hicksville Bombers', 'Lew Lewis' and 'Rudy La Crioux' to name just a few of the bands rockin' out this non-stop stroll party we got going here. So C'mon gals, put yah drink down, get the face on, get that wiggle perfected and let’s go Strollin’ till the floor shakes likes an earthquake.

Tracklist :

01. Loaded Gun : The Bullets
02. Kitten With A Whip : Jack Rabbit Slim
03. Prisoner Of Your Charms : Rusti Steel & The Star Tones
04. Voodoo Doll : The Hicksville Bombers
05. Gimme Just A Lil' Bit : The Cheaterslicks
06. I Don't Know Why She Makes Me Feel Blue : Rudy La Crioux & The All-Stars
07. Watching You : Sharna Mae & The Mayhems
08. Sloppy Preserve : The Retrobaits
09. She's So Sleazy : The Bullets
10. Daddy's Got A Gun : Jack Rabbit Slim
11. Love Struck : The Wolftones
12. Without Your Love : Rusti Steel & The Star Tones
13. Can't Buy Your Goodbye : The Hicksville Bombers
13. Small-time Casanova : Jack Rabbit Slim
15. Panic Attack : The Bullets
16. On The Buses Theme (Happy Harry) : Howlin' Wilson
17. You In My Heart : Rudy La Crioux & The All-Stars
18. Dirty Magazine : Jack Rabbit Slim
19. I've Changed My Mind : The Hicksville Bombers
20. While You Were Sleeping : The Bullets
21. Pick Me : The Wolftones
22. Natalie Wood : Jack Rabbit Slim
23. Crazy Blues : Rudy La Crioux & The All-Stars
24. Tail Of A Snake : The Bullets
25. The Speed Of Love : Jack Rabbit Slim
26. Stroll Earthquake : Lew Lewis & the Twilight Trio


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