Album Vol. 1
Format CD Boxset
Label Orleone Records
Year 2018
Genre Instro, Neo-Surf, Surf-Rock


Brazil truly seems like its own little world, a nation known for its cultural output, yet it always feels like it's not exactly put out there as much as the rest of the world peeks in. For Brazilian surf music, they have a champion advocating on their behalf: Reverb Brasil, headed by Leopoldo "Mocotó" Furtado. Reverb Brasil is to some extent a label, but mostly a platform to spread the word about Brazilian surf music. Reverb Tsunami is their most strident statement yet. This 3-CD compilation (produced with help from Orleone Records) contains tracks from 63 Brazilian bands and manages to snag a track from just about every recent Brazilian group that I can think of. What I think is truly the most impressive feat here is that this isn't a history of Bralian surf music -- this is a document of this current era, with every band on the list more or less active in the past few years (you know how it is--some bands are only questionably ever active). There's truly a lot of ground to cover here and a wide arrange of styles,so be ready and get your self into the Brazilian Tsunami Brazilian surf scene was always known for its activity and creativity, with a lot of bands from all over the country and different interpretations of the style, with influences that go from Brazilian music to metal, punk, latin and new wave, but never missing the main point of surf music: fun music to dance to.

Tracklist :

01. The Dead Rocks : Surf Explosão
02. Os Brutus : Billy The Ghost
03. Jubarte Ataca : Chafurdo Com A Gangue
04. Joanatan Richard : Silence and Thunder
05. Kingargoolas : Dirty Plexus
06. Búfalos D'Água : Mandíbula
07. Mary O and The Pink Flamingos : Little Coconuts
08. Los Pollos Caipiras : Surfando na Serra do Cipó
09. Surfadelica : Questionable Navigation
10. Sex On The Beach : Eldorado
11. Jacaré Junkie : Pirarucu Attack
12. Esquivo Devoluto : Pique-Nique Beibe
13. Superguedes : De Volta ao Banheiro
14. Os Pontas : Banana Boogie
15. Marcelo Callado : Munheca
16. The Raulis : Chicken Haole
17. Os Gatunos : Onde está o Wally?
18. Quentin Brothers : The Last Ride to El Dorado
19. Reverba Trio : Siberia
20. Beermudas : Ode à Rainha Diaba
21. Gasolines : Cheira Carimbó
22. The Mullet Monster Mafia : Black Coffin Board
23. Light Strucks : Sábado Violento
24. Baleia Mutante : Organicool
25. The Violentures : Surfin' Lava
26. Brian Oblivion e seus Raios Catódicos : Tereza
27. Drakula : Death Surf
28. Apicultores Clandestinos : Tererê
29. Maniáticos do Reverb : Rubi's Valley Halfpipe
30. Buzz Driver : Tutube
31. Barbatanas : Bico Liso na Quissassa Medonha
32. Surf Aliens : Enigma de Nazca
33. Los Prego : Casa Cheia de Veneno
34. The Old Jack : Tsunami
35. Moreia The Surf Monsters : Boldró
36. Beach Combers : Rei da Praia
37. Hitchcocks : Duelo Surf
38. Comanches : Raulis CWB
39. Os Aquamans : Maracaípe
40. Sangue de Androide : Sangue de Androide
41. Ted Boys Marinos : Space Station
42. Footstep Surf Music Band : Sasha Stomp
43. Intóxicos : Disaster
44. Trabajo Cubano : Sunset Vista
45. O Boi Solitário : Trágica Noite
46. Wood Surfers : Nice View of Paradise
47. Retrofoguetes : Telemetria
48. Movie Star Trash : Granizo
49. Paquetá : Guanxuma Jamaicana
50. Shark & Os Tubarões : O Pingaiada
51. Terremotor : Intacto
52. Surfabats : Big Wave Surfing
53. Ivan Motosserra Surf&Trash : A Misteriosa Lagoa do Abaeté
54. Os Carburadores : El (Santo) Mariachi
55. The Pulltones : Storm Fisherman
56. Tartarugas de Patinetes : A terrível perseguição intergaláctica ao último quilombo de Emme Ya
57. The Almighty Devildogs : Dizzy
58. Robotron : Regeneration of Reptilicus
59. Reverendo Frankenstein : A Vingança de Frank
60. Surinames : Skapeta
61. PROA : Transilvânia
62. Gabriel Thomaz Trio : Babababa
63. Capitão Parafina & Os Haoles : Fugindo desesperadamente do helicóptero malvado na densa selva sombria e úmida e com muitos perigos


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