TAZ-MEN : Taz Don't Surf
Album Taz Don't Surf
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Just Another normal
Year 2021
Genre Old-school Psychobilly

TAZ-MEN : Taz Don't Surf

Oldschool Trio from Lille ( France) don't know how many times they played here in Belgium but its alot ! The band was very actif end 90's and their style was fast forward and rockin' old school psychobilly , rough, supercharged somethimes but always a lot of fun here we have their demo's very good mixed and the LP version here has a great sound lim.ed from lim.ed from 300 copies w have in stock : - Black vinyl -Green Vinyl - Bleu Vinyl let us know in your comments what colour you prefere


Tracklist :

Side A:
01. Taz-Men Hymn
02. Al Capone
03. Crazy Taz
04. Psychobilly Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
05. Taztomp
06. Curse Of The Pharaohs
Side B :
01. Tainted Love
02. Your Cheating Heart
03. Stray Cat strut
04. Sailor Song
05. Hiroshima
06. Pretty In Pink

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