MONSTERS, THE : You're Class, I'm Trash
Album You're Class, I'm Trash
Format Vinyl 12'' LP + 7'' EP
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2021
Genre Garage, Trash, Punk, Rock'n Roll

MONSTERS, THE : You're Class, I'm Trash

The Monsters formed in 1986 in Bern, Switzerland as an alternative to the popular music of the time (i.e. disco, pop, Top 40 rock). Mixing rockabilly with punk rock and garage, their brand of teenage primitive rock'n'roll chainsaw massacre garage trash has kept them as an in demand punk rock band touring the world playing festivals and large halls as far east as Japan, south as Brazil, north as Scandinavia, and west as New York City. And then 2020 hit, YAHOO!!! The world went into a complete lockdown and everyone's plans changed! With no touring in the near future, the time was now to write a new album so the band dedicated two weeks to going to their practice space to write new music and another two weeks at Bern's Shirt Off Studio to record. Voila! Here you have Rosemary's Baby in your hand: 13 raw, loud, and splatter sounding tracks recorded live on the fly with no overdubs, vocals only. Lyrically, the album is a complete disaster with 120 words comprising the whole thing and hell, the words on this LP sometimes don't make any sense! It's actually complete rubbish with how they sing but we love it! Lp+ 7 inch + Free download


Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Gimme Germs
02. Smell My Tongue
03. Carpool Lane
04. Dead
05. Stranger To Me
06. Blasphemy
Side B :
01. Yellow Snow Drink
02. Electrobike Asshole
03. Get Drunk On You
04. I Love You
05. Devil Baby
06. My Down Is Your Up
07. Dead (Mortem Batkovic)
7 inch :
01. Gimme Germs (Live)
02. You're Class I'm Trash

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