Album Vol.3
Format Vinyl 12'' LP + CD
Label Jukebox Music Factory
Year 2022
Genre Horror R'n'R, Surf, Exotica, Chacha


No less than five vampire songs! Indeed, Dracula's the diva of this third 'Monster-O-Rama' compilation. But our pointy-toothed fiend is also joined by his friend the Abominable Snowman, not to mention zombies, werewolves and even cavemen, for one hell of a bestiary. Flittering from the funny to the ghastly, with tricks, treats and even a ghost train, El Vidocq once again releases his melodious paper-mâché monsters. There's The Cramps crooning for an Ed Wood flick and Nino Ferrer on a hip and hypnotic journey à la Georges Méliès, with rockabilly, surf, novelty, rock, cha-cha-cha... Look no further for your Halloween playlist. With lyrics in English and Spanish, a Mexican monstrosity and even two spinetingling French tunes (oh la la): Monsters of the world, unite! And the icing on the crypt: Alexandre Clerisse's superb cover illustration, sure to delight even the most tasteless ghouls!


Tracklist :

Side 1:
1. The Jay-Hawks : The Creature (From Outer Space)
2. The Turbans : The Lament Of Silver Gulch
3. Los Polivoces : Los Fantasmas
4. Jo Alan : Le Vampire
5. Randy Luck : I Was A Teen-Age Cave Man
6. Henri Salvador : Dracula Cha Cha Cha
7. Terry Teene : Curse Of The Hearse
8. Art Roberts : Terrible Ivan
Side 2:
01. Andres Pajares : Dracula Yé-Yé
02. The Wolf Man : Strange
03. Billy DeMarco & Count Dracula : Drac's Back
04. Steve Barry : The Nightmare
05. The Johnson Brothers : Zombie Lou
06. The Copycats Featuring Kimo & Sabbe : The Abominable Snow Man
07. The Wolf Pack : The Baddest Wolf
08. Mann Drake : Vampire's Ball

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