HANK III : Hillbilly Joker
Album Hillbilly Joker
Format CD
Label Curb
Year 2011
Genre alt.Country, Rock'n Roll

HANK III : Hillbilly Joker

Whew! Hank III delivers this one with all the charm of a tire fire. If you like the genre-barbecue pit meets mosh pit-then "Hillbilly Joker" is for you. The tracks are loud and raucus and Hank handles 'em well. When a song titled "Drink It, Drug It" is the calmest of the lot, you know you're in for a ride. All in all, though, it's a solid effort, with guitar licks that can knock the balls off the last-standing mechanical bull. It's a relatively short album, 10 tracks barely over a half-hour long. But at that speed, it's plenty. Enjoy.


Tracklist :

01. Hillbilly Joker
02. I’m Drunka Again
03. Life Of Sin
04. 10 Feet Down
05. Pistol Packin’
06. Tennesee Driver
07. M F J
08. Now He’s Dead
09. Drink It ,Drug It
10. Hellbilly

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