METEORS, THE : Psychobilly(Green)
Album Psychobilly(Green)
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Svart
Year 2022
Genre Psychobilly

METEORS, THE : Psychobilly(Green)

The original creators of psychobilly, The Meteors began as a reaction against soft neo-rockabilly music of the late '70s rock revival era. Svart Records presents an official reissue of The Meteors' 2003 album 'Psychobilly'. Long out of print on physical formats, this authorised reissue comes with a secret bonus track on green vinyl.


Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Wolfjob
02. King Vlad
03. Fuck Like A Beast (Fight Like An Animal)
04. Bloodbeat
05. Funhouse
06. Papa Jupe
07. I Hate People
Side B :
01. Hellfire
02. I Could Kill You (For What You've Done To Me)
03. The Forsaken
04. The Last Bus To Sanity
05. U Ain't Right
06. Outro (No One Likes Us)

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